HS2 high-speed rail line will destroy new homes in Yorkshire

July 19, 2017 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , UK




Hazel Speed


The HS2 project is already not a happy one, both in terms of cost and anticipated usage.

Add to all that, some very distressed people whose new homes will have to be demolished, and despite compensation of ‘unblighted’ house value + 10%, that is insufficient as current owners are saying, to enable equivalent alternative homes to be found, especially if stables are involved. Imagine having built one’s own home, as some have done, to be told it has to be demolished, which involves not only bricks and mortar but also memories.

The premise for the whole venture is rather odd, that somehow business between the North, South and Midlands will thrive and traffic, normally facilitated via the roads, will transfer to the trains.

Are we referring to the businessman driving in his car, or lorries and/or goods, in which case what then happens to the roads – oh yes, houses can be built.

Seriously, we all realise that for progress of any kind, certain unpopular decisions have to be made. The worst historic decision regarding train tracks was referred to as the Beeching cuts, when a Minister closed off important and viable sub-tracks which fed the main lines.

Then again, what potential trade deals are in the pipe-line post Brexit which may require fast transportation throughout the length and breadth of Britain?

One can see there is more to all this than originally meets the eye.

Yorkshire, euphemistically referred to as God’s County, will no doubt fight the process of the project every step of the way, even though the Government will inevitably win in the end.

It is ironic though, that money can be found to initiate this venture at such a difficult time in political and financial terms.

Many might argue, laying down a train track does not mend a North-South Divide – for that, one requires equality of living and opportunity, and an understanding, facility to encompass and entwine two unique, yet highly valued cultures and mindsets.




Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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