July 20, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Nick Hillier


Bob Eager



Conundrum of Confabulation



Distorted beyond conscious intention-

Another thought,


Lost in Fabrication;


Attributed to a possible Memory loss,


And more likely a Disturbance in surrounding energy.


Riddle me this confusion says…


Kayfabe spelled backwards is To (Be fake),


Who knew..


Concerning a Story that serves your purpose.


Future problem possibly speaking.


Misinterpreted memories swept under the proverbial rug;


Puts it in a peculiar position..


And in turn  discombobulated and yet again,


Left with a bad pun indeed.






Bob Eager

Bob Eager’s work appears in Stray Branch, Leaves of ink, Camel Saloon, Vision With Voices among others. Bob also can be seen reciting poetry on a video channel called Charisma Corner. Bob addresses in these poems the Danger of Nuclear Infected Ants and pontificates on the question is Melba Fake or Real Toast.


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