July 26, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Avel Chuklanov



Ogundele Faith Oluwaranti



Africans Are We!



We are the Blacks,

The fearless, persistent race

Our colour does not imply darkness

Tenderness flows through our hardened face


We are the Blacks

In a purpose-filled society breathing insights,

Insightful visionaries walking up the ladder

Each step attains sustained excellence,

Non-cowards, no retreat, no surrender


Proudly Africans we are

We’ve gone through the potters hands,

We do not depict lawlessness

Nor are we restricted in cans

Our cloudy dreams we convert to reality


We are Africans

Courageous but make mistakes

Longing to Uphold truth and peace in totality

Africans are we, we are the Blacks!





Ogundele Faith Oluwaranti

I love to share particularly my thoughts and experiences. I believe that both my thoughts and experiences are unique. Therefore, writing has given me a platform to express them freely. I am a poet, a lover of children and a student presently studying statistics.

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