I was shocked when I saw Buhari in London – Governor Okorocha

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Awesu Olaniyi Williams


In a reverse situation whereby APC is the party in opposition and Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s current Minister of Culture and Information, remains the opposition spokesperson, with the president (maybe erstwhile president Jonathan in power) having been gone for nearly 90 days without disclosure, there would either be a military incursion as earlier rumoured or civil unrest (a case in point the “2012 subsidy removal“); this having been steered by the source called cabals within the presidency.

It becomes all the more grossly nauseating when an administration who had gotten to power on the heels of transparency and fighting corruption begins to embrace everything it had preached against during electioneering.

Governor Okorocha returned two nights ago from London having been in the company of Kano, Kogi et al to see Mr President. And in a bid to douse possible tension amongst Nigerians, he ended up spewing insensitive words in the guise of assuring Nigerians of the president’s health. Hear him talk:


“To my greatest shock, when I arrived in London with the Party Chairman and the governors of Kano, Kaduna, Kogi, Nasarawa and the Minister of Transport, we saw a man that was full of humor as usual and we were wondering whether it is the same person that they are talking about. All I can say is that Mr. President is in good health, he is not on life support and he will soon be back. And he is not in the hospital. I was thinking I was going to see him in the hospital, but he is not even in the hospital. He was at home relaxing and having a good time. When I made inquiries as to why he is still waiting, why he is still not back home, all I got as an answer is that he is just taking some vitamins to increase his appetite to regain his lost weight. But I think the man is in good spirits and I think the prayers of Nigerians have worked to a great extent and President Buhari is coming back in full force to resume his work. What Nigerians should be talking about now is what should be his next line of action.”


It fails every bit of logic. To say, the president is in good shape and fit to run, but just waiting to regain lost weight while relaxing and using vitamins. This is against the back drop of the country paying a hefty sum, maintaining the presidential jets in London, reported to cost between 1,000 – 4,000 pounds daily outside other running costs and estacodes for presidential aides.

A country like Nigeria with a population of nearly 200 million, the vast majority being youthful and unemployed, with inflation hitting the roof without remedy. A country with its national hospital in perpetual darkness at night, while the minimum wage stagnates at 50 dollars a month and food commodity prices rising exponentially. A country where the government preaches austerity while exhibiting daily profligacy.

Nigerians must be remedied to speak out not on the basis of party lines, ethnicity or religion. Rather, the people upon whose shoulders rest power, must be ready to speak true to power by asking for better funded public infrastructure, governance and improved quality of lives and public disclosure about the president’s health.





Awesu Olaniyi Williams

Awesu Olaniyi is a 24 year old, second best graduating student of Political science education from Lagos State University where he won various regional and national awards for public speaking and environmental advocacy. He is currently a freelance writer, LGBT discussant and aspiring M.sc student of political science. He can be reached via awesuolaniyi@gmail.com.

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