The Impediment Of Political Correctness In The Small Press Scene

Matt Popovich



Michael Marrotti


The emergence, and longevity of Political Correctness has encumbered the prospects of creative writing in the small press scene.

If you exclude, for example, legendary sites like Horror Sleaze Trash and a few others, what we’re left with is a scene that has no appreciation for candor or diversity.

Monotony prevails when there’s entire issues of lit mags devoted to the vilification of Trump. Funny, I don’t recall this same phenomenon when a “black man” was in office. Here’s political correctness hard at work.

God forbid some poet writes a poem that depicts the LGBT community in a negative light. A backlash would ensue, resulting in a hashtag against the audacious poet. This of course is hypothetical, since the chances of finding a publication for dissident poetry is bleak.

It’s either conform to social norms (which I consider anomalies) or receive a declination. Well, at least submissions are open. What more could you ask for? Diversity!

Throughout the past year, I’ve seen it more and more: only LGBT, People Of Color, or Women need submit. What do we have here, besides more left leaning exclusion of one particular specimen: the white man? If “whitey” decides to fight back through the power of poetry, who in the hell is going to publish his poem? Certainly not the publications (which are vast) who censor him.

Political opposition to the left is an impediment to poets on the right. They’re denounced, deplored and rejected by a scene that doesn’t perceive life in a bilateral point of view. Imagine poetry on the small press that advocates Trump, White Lives Matter and Traditional Family. Instead, it’s quite the contrary.

As a proud heterosexual white man, and poet who believes in free speech, I’d like to see poetry from the other side flourish. If you’re going to shove toxic feminism down my throat expect a retort. It’s only fair right? Is social justice not synonymous with fairness? No, it’s about suppression. Candor and diversity are not an option when the feelings of someone else have been jeopardized over an opinion or ideology that doesn’t adhere to their standard. That’s bullshit! Grow up. I’ll leave you with a poem:


A Social Utopia

They want free
health care
as do I

An individual
for everyone
even your pet

A viable wage
the eradication
of poverty

Smiles on
the faces of
all human beings

A social utopia
where everyone
is holding hands

Free drugs for all
and free eBooks
that collect
digital dust
on the internet

Since a world
free of suffering
makes for a
literary genre
that’s accustomed
to bad writing






Michael Marrotti

Michael Marrotti is an author from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His chapbook, F.D.A. Approved Poetry, is available on Amazon. On his free time, he volunteers at the Light Of Life Rescue Mission. He is also the editor of Excavation, a poetry blog. Submissions are open:


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