September 12, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Lianne Kamp




After Seeing A Picture Of The Mural At The Tecate Border Wall



I have returned to it throughout the day

drawn to this child in Mexico

towering over a US border wall


I have returned to it waiting for

his pudgy fingers to finally make

the connection


I have returned to it waiting for

the steel posts to fall in the dirt

like so many Lincoln Logs

 bleached gray in the sun


I have returned to it waiting for

the sound of his laughter as the

wall crumbles and hope

rises from the dust







Lianne Kamp

I came to Boston many years ago to write poetry.  Although I never abandoned poetry altogether, life had different plans for me. I have rediscovered the importance of writing and over the last year have been published in a number of Prolific Press journals. Mainly, I write poetry to make my world more panoramic by watching it more closely.

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