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Chidi Anthony Opara




Sister Sarah Baartman




With the endowment

Of African womanhood,

Sister Sarah Baartman

Endured childhood vicissitudes.

She found love,

But her love was murdered by racism.



Wrote an agreement she could not read

And forced her thumbprint thereon,

And shipped her

To the circuses of Europe.



Drenched African womanhood

In the debased circuses of Europe,

Racism baptized Sister Sarah Baartman

“The Hottentot Venus”.


Death brought no rest,


Hacked her dead body

And displayed her body parts

In a museum

In the land of Napoleon.


Rest now

Sister Sarah Baartman.

Rest now

That you have been buried

In the land of your birth.

Rest now

Sister Sarah Baartman.





Blood Of The Natives



The sullen sky


Fire rained

Onto the land of Baga.



Coven of carnivores.

Burned bodies

Begged to be buried.


Blood of the natives


Through their farmlands,

Through their fish farms,

Through the domains of their deities.


The scanty survivors of Baga

Like the scanty survivors of Odi

Are now refugees.


Mouthpieces of officialdom


The decrepit dais,

Mouthing sympathies.





Resurrection Resonates






Many minds inquire.



The choristers chorus.

Faith in resurrection recedes,


Resurrection resonates.


“Thou art made of earth

To earth thou must return”

Thus saith the Lord.


Resurrection resonates.


The law of the Lord


In the prison of orthodoxy.

Resurrection resonates.




The Smoke That Must Be White





The red robed supplicants

Are sequestered

Inside the Sistine.


They speak

In silent supplications

To the spirits

To pronounce a Pontiff.


The stewards are set

To send the smoke.

The smoke

That must be white.





Two-Pronged Papacy



With stones

From the shore

Of the holy sea,

Stones centuries old,

Holy seers stoned us.


We starred

At an approaching

Two-pronged papacy.


A shrinked papa

Will shield

A shinny papa

From the paparazzi.


From the bags of Borgia

Holy seers select props

To play parts

In the two-pronged papacy



At the shore

Of the holy sea

Absurdities will abound.

Holy seers

Will play unholy parts

And veneers

Of veneration will vanish.






Chidi Anthony Opara

Chidi Anthony Opara is a Nigerian Poet and online publisher. He was born on the 8th day of August, 1963 in Umude Avuvu in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State Nigeria.
He had his primary education at Community Primary school Umude Avuvu from 1971 to 1977 and his post-primary education at Enyiogugu Secondary school in Aboh-Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo state, Nigeria from 1977 to 1982.
He obtained a professional diploma in Advertising from Century Communications Academy in New Delhi India in 1985 and subsequently, worked in the private sector where he rose to managerial positions and thereafter, became a private consultant. He has also held high public offices.
While building a career in the private sector, he was writing poems and quotes, both in real English language and in the Nigerian pidgin English language.
He has published collections of poems and has also published poems on reputable Literary websites. In December,2007, he founded and became the Publisher of “PublicInformationProjects“, an amalgam of blogs. In November, 2008, he became a member of Association Of Nigerian Authors (ANA).

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