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Jonathan Otamere Endurance




Dreams, Guts And Passion



Someone blew a dream into my eyes

And said I must become a song

Ingested into the throat of men.

Songs are a melody that begin

With the touch of a single hymn—

How you caress them into rhythm

And sweetness of tones.

He said winds are a casket without bodies

And I must be a painter of bodies

Burying names into the casket of time,

Dreams, guts, and of something called passion.

I do not know how to walk into the home of dreams—

I want to fly because time is a storm

Named after a calm sea.





Midnight Dreams



The railway of veins in my heart

Is a hole where your legacies are peeped,

Of dreams you glued to my heart-eyes

And of things you once said are loved.

You said everywhere is a home—

Graves are a home too, for silent lips.

You said home is everywhere—

The earth grains have become a civil war

In the body of your calm flesh.

When my body becomes a transient

Of silence, I find home too, lying beside

You like we have never said goodbyes;

But this is only a temporary home

Where we shall live together someday.






Jonathan Otamere Endurance

Jonathan Otamere Endurance is a lover of literature. He is a young poet, dreamer and lover of Romanticism. He is a student of English Language and Literature at the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. He has had his works in various Anthologies, online journals and magazines: THE KALAHARI REVIEW, CREATIVE CORNER, WRICON, ELECTRONIC PAMPHLET, DWART ONLINE, and many others. He is a poet waiting to be tucked into the palms of fame.

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