September 26, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Fisuyi Tolulope







we have friends to nurture our wounds

there are foes who’ll still spare a room


wandered we have, our minds afoul

walking the path caution took,

gunned down trust with a .45

thinking in safety we’ll stay alive

but loneliness fished us with a hook

depression becoming that ghoul owl

an omen to a bliss going amiss

because trust was lost in the mix;

we but surely have that friend, or many

who fought death for our cause,

and have we also an enemy

who wants to put death in a box


the world is a house

we have walls to lean on.








Sitting in my room

seeing myself bigger than doom

the grandiose thoughts have set in

I’m lost ‘tween all I know

my desires conflicting with reality,

delusions flow like songs playing

skipped past depression to anger

– knowing what I want is beyond ken

dark lights, transcendence –

I seek to reverse the orders

gods in our place

scourged with the same whip

begging our mercy;

the day of reckoning is coming

them accounting for their deeds.

for now I’ve stopped the tracks

I reserve the last till it’s time –







Fisuyi Tolulope

Also known as MidNight, a poet and rap-lines composer with a touch of Nihilism.

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