October 6, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ron Larson




The Price We Pay


“Taxes are what we pay for civilization.”

This old saying requires a major addition.

The higher taxes are

It extends by far

The reach of governmental corruption.




A Motiveless Mass Murderer?


Most of us strive mightily to stay alive,

And when we die, we want our name to survive.

So I have a question

For you men and women:

Does a mass murderer achieve a second life?




Stiffing The Working Stiff


The Dems have made a major policy shift.

They’re now into identity politics.

What has come to pass,

Alack and alas,

Is they couldn’t care less about the working stiff.






Ron Larson

Ron Larson is a retired community college professor (Ph.D.), and one of his hobbies is writing poetry. Some of his poems have been published in such diverse magazines as Westward Quarterly, Aphelion, Soul Fountain, Big Pulp, The Horror Zine, and, of course, Tuck Magazine. His book 538 Limericks from 2016 Politics was released in December 2016 and is now available on Amazon.


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