Brexit: Will the writing be on the wall come December?

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Hazel Speed


Britain’s stance, apparently, within UK negotiations with the EU is, according to Michel Barnier, insufficient for him to recommend to the European Council that talks can move on to include trade agreements.

European Council President Donald Tusk is also reflecting an EU air of doom and yes, we all know the clock is ticking.  Some believe that is a good thing.

Both sides, apparently, are ‘making preparations’ in case the UK has to walk away without any deal.  In other words, yet more platitudes which irritates all of us.

David Davis knows only too well, as does the Prime Minister, that it is one thing to agree a deal ‘in principle’ with the EU but that has to be agreed and signed off by:


The 27 EU Countries

The UK Government

The Houses of Parliament

The House of Lords


Then the Great British public may have their say via unrest from either Remainers or Leavers. Also, within the so-called divorce talks with Europe, whoever enters divorce talks hoping to reach an agreement without all aspects being on the table throughout?

It is also an EU contradiction in terms, as ‘presupposing’ the initial elements have progressed sufficiently to move on to trade talks, nothing is agreed (signed off) until everything is agreed, so what is to stop one side or the other changing their mind, and reopening the first section again, or reversing their position in that regard?

In real life, usual divorce discussions often commence, we are told, by something along the lines of: Before we decide who owns this house, that car, etc, who will keep the dog?

Therefore the EU stance is ridiculous and, what is more, if all subjects are under consideration, one side, or the other, may feel more obliging if a key area has an outcome in their favour elsewhere within the list to any aspect initially which may be bogging down discussions.

When one leaves any other club they just Leave!


Looking at two interviewees within the Daily Politics TV programme today, it is noteworthy to see Anna Soubry (discussion via video camera), on her metaphorical campaign trail – for that is what her frequent remarks here and there are causing others to reference as such.

Although she confirmed previously, her support for Mrs May in struggling on at the Conservative Conference when the Prime Minister’s voice kept failing, Anna Souubry, first in Parliament this week, and now today, commenced with an announcement regarding her own failing voice and that she had a cough/cold.  A theme emerges?

She then went on to decry those (MPs?), who slate ‘individuals’ by name, and on that I agree, despite the fact there are individuals, no doubt, who probably have a nick name for every Member of the House, including herself.  Her remarks seemed to prove to be more of a defence mechanism to preclude replying to a quote by Jacob Rees-Mogg that was being put to her, and which, after all, in factual observation, would have been an encounter akin to a metaphorical fight above her boxing weight.

Anna Soubry then went on to outline two facts which were completely wrong, in that she stated she had been big enough to get over the fact the people had not backed Mrs May over Brexit in the General Election; and they did not vote for Leaving Europe by this and that way ,etc, and then she gave some specific examples which anyone would be tired of hearing generally by now, as enough people have said the same thing (mostly from Labour benches though – shared causes make for an unusual ally).

The point being that Anna Soubry was wrong on both counts.

The truth is that there was no collective Leave option in the General Election, and Mrs May was hoping that those who voted Leave in the original Brexit Referendum would transfer their allegiance to her, where in reality, each reverted to their chosen political environments.

Where were her advisors?  The trouble is that Conservatives cannot entertain the thought that not everyone thinks like them!

Another bad call by the Prime Minister, as otherwise, if she had kept that option in a distinct format but complementary link to ‘The Government expediting Brexit, and being willing to walk away without a deal’, then I truly believe she would have had a huge mandate.


The second point made by Anna Soubry was that the British people who voted to Leave Europe, did not vote for this or that course of action en route to the endeavour of Leaving the EU.  How does she know?

Once again, the British voters are being told by everyone who voted Remain (yet not other Leave voters most tellingly), that if they voted to Leave the EU; (a) they didn’t understand the question; (b) now all of a sudden they must have known after all, as Anna Soubry claims to know what they didn’t vote for.

Westminster seems to be full of all knowing and all seeing people!

It was refreshing, therefore, that Lord Lawson was in the studio and remarked that Anna Soubry has always been a ‘fanatic’ on the subject of Brexit.

Yes, it would appear so my Lord.

It was also refreshing that he was able to add facts on the times he was next to Mrs Thatcher (as she was known when The Prime Minister – amongst other things by others), during talks and agreements with the EU, so could confirm the actualities of discussions historically and moreover, the associated reasoning from the UK side specifically, but also from the EU (Common Market) perspective.

It was a shame, though, that those born in recent times (who chastise their elders as if they had no recollections, knowledge or understanding of political history when it is they who are interviewed by the same programme), had not been present in the studio today in order for them to be edified of their ineptitude accordingly.





Hazel Speed

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