October 23, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Najib Adamu Usman







Even when I shout down the street

Eyes can’t see that my hands are cuffed

They can’t see that my thumbs are cut off

They can’t see the PDP painted on my face


Ears did not hear the dictates of the tyrant

That before I will be a Freeman

I must take him to the honourable seat

Either by with my thumbs

Or with my blood


The judge’s hammer is with him

The cop’s cuffs are also with him

It is either his way

Or the high way

But the order of my dear heart remains supreme


I will hide with the sun when it’s setting

And will not rise with it

I will trek back to the womb of my mother

To save the pains of today and tomorrow

For my vote is my power

And a corrupt rule shall not live in peace








I am no longer swinging on tree branches

Because life is turning me to ashes

With its iron hand known as challenges

It pulls me to a quagmire

But I seem to be mightier


I am known to be a birch tree

Trying to be problem free

But the storms in this life

Is blowing me away to river Nile

For me, life is jejune

But I strive to grow strong roots


For life, challenge is its sword

It tears apart my dreams and calls for war

In order to win, I must have a weapon

I must wipe all my tears

And I must fight back without any fear






Najib Adamu Usman

Najib Adamu Usman is a Nigerian poet and essayist born in Gombe State in the year 1999. Member, Gombe Jewel Writers Association, Association of Nigerian Authors(ANA), Gombe State Chapter and he is the Poets In Nigeria’s Lead representative, Gombe Connect Center. Most of his works have appeared in many journals, blogs and magazine. He is a law student at AD Rufa’i Collage go Legal and Islamic studies, Misau, Bauchi State.

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