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Hareem Fatima




My Dance Partners: Poetry and Melancholy



Come now, Melancholy

A seductive young man dressed in black

Hold my hand and grab me gently by the waist

And allow me to fall in a mystical trance


Let us dance in the ballroom

Full of gawking young men and women

Their gaze tearing at us like spears

And why should they not envy our love, dear?


We have been bonded since we were young

Bonded by hearts, bonded by tongue

The melody of approving birds sung

Yet all changed when Poesy intervened…


A gentle young man, dressed in blue

He wanted to come in between me and you

He boldly spoke of your arrogance

He warned me about your self centeredness


Oh fair melancholy,

Why were Poesy’s words so true?

You had me trapped and fooled

Over my senses and my youth you unjustly ruled


Now that I am a good age of 21

I claim that my real life has begun

Poesy being my one true love

Has saved me from you O’ melancholy

A monster sent from above


I still remember how we danced

How I thought that I had no one else

How unruly of you to make me think that

You never thought about how I felt.


Dancing to gentle music

You used to woo me with clever words

You were all I have and all I would need

Again, I complain that to my heart you gave no heed


So Poesy came and did the noble deed

Took out his sword and decapitated you so gracefully

There I stared at you lying in a pool, ruby red

Ironically I smiled and rejoiced that you were now dead


Good days were now ahead

For Poesy saved my life

A handsome fellow dressed in blue

Yes, it is Poetry it is you….


All those gawking men and women

Are at peace at how we did unite

Radiant aura of mighty strength now fills the ballroom

As we both have transformed into a mystical healing light


Our dance heals each other

And heals all the rest in the ballroom

We are now smiling, and engulfed

by oh so powerful ecstasy

Fated by the stars as bride and groom


My dance partners, these two nobleman

One of darkness and one of light

I thank you for making me what I am today






Hareem Fatima

Hareem Fatima; Pakistani-American Poet of age 21, who draws abstract images of emotions and hence portrays what one feels and that cannot be shown.

This poem is one of her latest works. To follow her poetry, like her facebook page by clicking here! https://www.facebook.com/floweroflight88/

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