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Frederick Omari Okonneh


Krista Clark




Temporarily Free



Success simply cannot be found, perched on a chair, laying around in the house.

Nor does it pay to get angry, when momma asks me nicely, to iron her new silk blouse.


I’m a tiny squeaky mouse, desperately searching, for some stinky cheese.

Yet here I am, still in my hole, thanks to stressful anxiety.


Others suffer too,

even those that are hustling; as they smile all the way to the bank.

Sticking their noses in the air, as I walk by, glaring as if they just saw a skank.


The studio’s ready, I should be recording, instead I’m still bound to this house.

If I don’t act fast and get right up, how will I ever find a compatible spouse?


Numerous problems to solve, depressions hitting hard; this wretched bed seems like the only safe place to be.

Why can’t I catch a break, for just a little while and set my mind TEMPORARILY FREE?


Haunting memories constantly play, in the minute creases of my bewildered mind.

Fiercely fighting against demons that continuously dance until my thoughts appear to have committed a crime.


Born with what they say is a chemical imbalance within my desolate brain.

Diagnosis proved, yet I curiously question, if I’m feverishly going completely insane.


Inquisitively I search within harsh memories, for days I wasn’t constantly feeling cornflower bleu.

Depression is a horrendous disease that keeps you from simply, just being you.


Rude, hurtful people pass judgement because their eyes cannot see within your wretched soul.

They are oblivious to the mere fact, inside, you’re completely opposite of someone made believingly whole.


Medications have way too many side effects that grotesquely morph your outer being.

Toxic chemicals make you want to not believe exactly what you are seeing.


Counselors can flap their jaws until every single, mooing cow comes galloping home.

Unless you walk a mere mile in my dusty, rugged shoes, your inadvertent advice won’t earn me a throne.


So exactly what is a person to do, that suffers with this inescapable disease?

Straighten your crown, compose your mindbending thoughts and approach each glorious day, with ease.






Dysfunctional Family Tree



There’s Crazy Danny, you’re stinking drunk of a brother.

Messed up and broken, desperately struggling, to get his life together.


He plucks your last nerve,

while he clucks like a hen.

Quickly biting your lip, til it abruptly comes to an end!


Here comes your obnoxious, so called, Mother.

Always shouting at the top of her lungs,

as she’s lays in the cold, filthy gutter.


What does she want now,

that crazy old hag!

I simply can’t wait to move out, before she drives me insanely mad!


 Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the front door; who could it possibly be?

 As luck would have it, it’s the supposed ‘head’, of this DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY TREE.


Stumbling in after cheating on his poor, suspicious, wife.

Partying and infidelity, have become his normal way of life.


Well what about you, and your vicarious mistakes?

Mysterious eyes desiring love,

while spreading nothing but hate!


Unfortunately, none of us are perfect, no one’s really that great.

You’ll only understand, as much as your mind can tolerate.






Frederick Omari Okonneh

Frederick Okonneh has been writing for over four years. He loves poetry, and has a personal relationship with books. His educational background in mass communication has given him a wide approach in appreciating the written word. He puts ink to paper, to express his soul, which often troubles him.


Krista Clark

Krista is an emerging writer who is inspired by her life experiences as well as her desire to encourage and inspire others. Her main goal is to establish herself as a respected author amongst her critics and her peers, mainly as a rhyming poet. She takes great pride in being a Grandmother, giving a voice to the unborn and volunteers her time for many issues such as Melanoma & Breast Cancer Awareness.

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