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Pramod Kumar Das




Jewels of Present, Past and Future



Books are ornaments for students

Students are ornaments of a university

Universities are ornaments of a nation

Nations are ornaments of universe

Wow! They are so diverse!


As rhyme is the ornament of poesy

Intellect is not an ornament for those who are crazy

Culture is the ornament of civility

Let there be more longevity for humanity.





Ashram to Hulimavu



People walking, running, rushing, gushing, pushing

To reach destination

Don’t know either on a macro or micro level

All roads lead to one place

Where there is only solace.


Why bother the daily needs of bread and butter?

Of course body needs bread

Mind needs to get connected with spiritual thread

Body rests in mind, mind rests in body

Body has a mind, mind has a body

Body has a body as mind has a mind.

A day not passes by hearing the sound of ambulance

As music of life runs in ambivalence

Both body and mind needs care

Who is responsible for what we share?


On the road of life

Goes on a dance of vocabulary

A music of rivalry

As some tend to go lazy and crazy

Few pretend to be busy as life is not that easy

Richness in poverty of thought finds its full utterance

Is that a matter of significance?


Morning, noon, evening and night

Things always remain tight

As people tend to fight

For who is right

Without giving any insight.


As the psychology of life, economy of thought

and philosophy of continuity comes to centre-stage.

Is it our ignorance of knowledge?

Or knowledge of ignorance?

Is there any substance?

The way we make it all nuisance?






Pramod Kumar Das

Dr Pramod Kumar Das teaches in the Department of English, Christ University, Bengaluru, India. A PhD and MPhil both in English Literature (EFLU, Hyderabad); he has done his MA in the same subject from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. He translates Odia literary pieces into English. His research articles and reviews have appeared in several journals. His recent publication includes Beeja-mantra and Other Stories by Pratibha Ray (Trans. Anand Mahanand & Pramod K Das; Ed. Jayashree Mohanraj. Delhi: Authors Press, 2014).

Editor review


  1. Sneha December 13, at 04:58

    I really liked the first poem about the jewels of humanity,of life, of eternity. The second poem was also enjoyable.

  2. Pramod Kumar Das December 13, at 04:58

    Thank you so much Aishwarya for your lovely comments. Yes the poems tell life as it is in its own form.

  3. Aishwarya December 07, at 16:02

    This poem tells us the reality of life in a simple manner ;the first poem is marvellous and the second provides a great insight .Very beautiful poems sir.

  4. Kush December 03, at 19:02

    It's the heart touching poem. When I read this poems, each words were touching our heart & mind. It's awesome.

  5. Mohanraj November 30, at 10:25

    Dear PramodThe two poems in the journal are good. Congratulations. Keep writing. Mohanraj


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