December 13, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Nandini Srivastava




Come Down Sometimes



My thoughts are undoubtedly your dream

But sometimes I search for them in reality

Long to decorate them again and again

Like the instruments which collapsed in the past

Come down sometimes, come down

I would love to view you to the fullest.





She Was His Girl



I would like to prefer a black and white life

Instead of a colorful one

A guy with all tender characters, she said

Oops! This girl has gone totally mad, he screeched

With a satisfaction that she was his girl.








Knowing you more and just have to know more

It is just like watching sunset and sunrise

But you are an unimaginable mystery.






Nandini Srivastava

Nandini Srivastava is 20 and was born and raised in Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh in India. She studies her Pharmacy and Computer Science in her home town and is an avid reader of English Literature. Poetry is next to her heart to express the deeper feelings and poignant chronicle of human struggles. Her frolicking mind longs to hang out with North Indian chat and pani poori. She is an emerging poet and short fiction writer and can be contacted at nandinisrivastava1997@gmail.com 

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