December 29, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Bronson Thomas




What Mourning?



Shimmers of sunlight glisten against the faded pane of the half-open window

Greeted by a goose down comforter

Complimented by a whistling old world tea kettle.

Wisps of blue mountain beans wafting into my nostrils

Roasting to perfection amidst the crisp chilly air

I roll over, my glare meeting a pair of brown eyes that I could easily get lost in

Her cold nose presses into my chin

The taste of warm salvia leaf sweetener and mouthwash is welcomed

Those delicate warm fingers gently and briskly take off my briefs

She does all the work so effortlessly it seems

As I stand at attention, she loves all over me

Oh how I bask in the ambiance of her short rhythmic squeaks of approval

Ah, now this is what I call living,


Beams of sunlight tear through the deteriorating holes of my tarp

Eagerly greeting the warmth of the sun vigorously

What a sight for sore eyes, yes, sore and swollen shut

How painful the frost of the morning, yes, how wicked is its bite

It took all day yesterday to thaw out from the previous night

Stomach growls from the painful hunger, at least I wasn’t abruptly awaken

Beaten by prowling transients left bleeding and violently shaken

Never drank alcohol or smoked crack

All I want is my childhood back

As I sit up I’m wet, shivering, with feet frozen stiff

My natural inclination is to survive

If it wasn’t I would have long thrown me off a cliff

A slow and miserable curse this is

Oh, how I dread waking,

Surrounded by people, yet I’m all alone

They say to each his or her own

Just another unfortunate morning

Ah, now this is what I call dying.

Where they’ll be no more mourning.






Bronson Thomas

Bronson Thomas Senior was born in Santa Barbara, California where he spent many useless years heavily procrastinating after serving in the United States Marine Corps. With a lost love for intravenous drugs and a bad habit of drinking cheap vodka from a paper bag, Thomas, now squeaky clean, resides in Goleta, California where he spends most of his time fathering three of his pride and joys. However, when not at home, he can be found pursuing his Computer Network Engineering major at Santa Barbara City College SBCC.

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    Gentleman, Make it brief.....someone reading should find it to repeat reading again and again......not boring......use common life language rather than to show how strong your vocabulary literature versed you are by......surely you will bring more people near to pay yourself gratitude of more respect than having...........Mitalee26,Vadodara,India


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