Youthtocracy: An Interview with Ebi Robert

January 11, 2018 Interviews , OTHER

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An Exclusive chat with Ebi Robert, the Nigerian Author, who propounded: The Theory Of Youthtocracy




Can you briefly introduce yourself?


Yes. I am Ebi Robert. I am a poet, playwright, and a novelist. I am simply an author. I write poems, plays, and even articles. I am a Lawyer by profession; the Director of Peace December, Bayelsa State Chapter, Co-Editor of TheNigerialawyer, an International Advisor at International Authors, USA and currently the Secretary of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Bayelsa State Chapter.



You propounded the theory of Youthtocracy?





What inspired you in propounding the theory?


There was a day I asked myself to know the antonym of gerontocracy because I am quite inquisitive. But I couldn’t find any. So I thought to myself that the vacuum was a necessary one to be filled, especially at this time that the need for the youths to take over governance has become the talk of the day. And that’s it. That was the inspiration.



Can you tell us what the term means?


Youthtocracy is gotten from three words. Youth – To – Cracy. Youth as we all know is an English word. Cracy comes from a Greek word: Kratia which is for “rule” or “government”. So in a nutshell, the word simply means “Youth-to-rule”. It is a system of government in which the youths rule.



The word used for the system of government is not purely Greek like other ancient concepts, why?


Like you said: ‘other ancient concepts’. This concept is a modern concept. You must understand that one basic reason why most concepts have Greek colour is because they have Greek roots. So the place where a theory is propounded has influence on the naming. Youthtocracy was propounded using the Nigerian case study, hence English because that’s the official language of the Nigerian people. In fact I would have used my own local dialect but I have my reasons for the reserve.



Do you think this theory will stand the test of time?


I believe so. It is something new, so it must. But you must understand that this is just the First Edition, therefore it may be subject to review. I have currently sent the theory out for comments, and the responses are not bad at all.



The theory spoke about the ‘Not too young to run Bill’. Are the organizers aware of this?


I guess so. I have forwarded the work to them long before now. But there has been no response from them. Not even other platforms. But sooner or later, the power of the work will be known. The problem here is that people are hardly encouraged in academics in this part of the world. Music, movies and other entertainment projects are better appreciated because it is believed to fetch money but academics is not. But I am not bothered because my intention is to sell my idea. Money should always be secondary if at all it is to be considered.



You are not a political scientist, so how were you able to get this done as a lawyer?


Research and hard work, that’s the answer and I must say this: I propounded it even before I was called to the Nigerian Bar. My profession is not too far from basic concepts of governance. So that’s it. I love studying and creating new things out of the ordinary.



How significant is this work to the contemporary world?


It is very significant especially at this time that the youths want their voices to be heard. This affects not just governments, but other regional and international organizations such as the African Union and United Nations.



You seem to believe so much in youthful leadership. Can you tell us some of the moves made by you to achieve this?


Well I basically do this through my writings. My first play: An Empty Kingdom was centered on youthful leadership as its basic theme. I have some write ups that also advocate it, especially this work. Personal discourse on it is another. I as well attend youth related conference(s) just to get myself acquitted with the current trend.



You spoke about the Bayelsa State Facebook community in your work. Can you tell us a little about it?


A little indeed. (Laughs) The community is a community of the youths. It should be the first of its kind in the country, I guess even in the world. It is a platform where the youths encourage themselves and practice their own kind of shadow government. The community has been very instrumental in that regard and I think it’s a good one.



There were some ideas that were put together by you in creating the theory. How where you able to do it?


Creativity, that’s it. My partnership with God pays a lot you know. I naturally love thinking outside the box.



About the quote: “For much citing and quoting are not what makes principles, but a sound and prudent idea that was once first created”, what does it entail?


I made some citing in the work. But I want people to understand that what makes a good theory is not how much persons or authorities you cite, but your findings and how you were able to fit them into facts and arrive at your own conclusion to be accepted. Some persons think that theories must be accepted by everyone. That’s not true. Even Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution has been discarded by many scientists over the years, yet it remains a theory.



So how can the work be accessed by readers?


Well interested persons can contact me on my email and get the work. I intend uploading it on academia soon.

[email protected]



Thank you very much for your time. It was nice chatting with you.


Thank you too.





Ebi Robert

Ebi Robert is from Nembe/Egweama in Bayelsa State of Nigeria; a state in the Southern part of Nigeria. He is a legal practitioner, poet, essayist, freelance writer, novelist and editor. He is the author of the African Drama “An Empty Kingdom” published by ‘Patridge Africa’ and ‘Bulkibon Books’. He has written many poems and contributed to many International Books as well. The award winning writer propounded ‘Advisory Oposicion’, a concept which article was also published in the Tuck Magazine. Ebi Robert is an International Advisor with International Authors, USA. He is also the Secretary of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Bayelsa State chapter and as the well the founder of THE DELTA LITERATURE. He is also the Acting Director of Peace December, Bayelsa State Chapter, a Non Governmental Organization based in the US.

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  1. Kpuduwei MacMoses Enaikediba January 12, at 12:52

    Thank you Ebi Robert, for this your great ideological dialectics, youths in governance is a relevant discourse in this contemporary era particularly in Nigeria were old hombres maroon this subject matter in aversion. However, this is a call for vibrant young folks to captain this leader-ship in changing the narratives of how politics is viewed in Africa, which had been long adulterated with profligate minds. This theory is relevant in other to alter the chronicle portions of incredibility of young minds in politics in our nation state Nigeria. Kudos to you of this your brain-birth 'Youthtocracy', it's really inspiring and illuminating.


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