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Sadashivan Nair




Bacteria is our God



Bacteria is our God,

Moles, Spore (spora) mother of God;

Before the life existed,

Nothing there was,

Except luminosity of sun,

Sheen of moon and stars;

Earth separated itself from sun,

Formed identity of own;

Yet relied on energy of sun,

Moon and other planets and stars;

Sun heated and moon cooled,

Positive and it’s opposite,

Always were in collision,

As opposite roles they had;

Major portion of burning earth

Covered by sea of liquified gases,

Hydrogen, Oxygen and minerals,

From burning inner fire of earth,

Potassium, Magnesium, choride,

Sulfate, sodium, calcium and so on;

At the shore and beneath the sea,

Chemicals reacted in damp,

Moisture, in stale unmoving water;

Turned into green molds,

Helped spora (seed) of bacteria,

First life on earth to grow;

Never be in misconception,

For God sake,

Things decay is just waste;

Decay is life for next life;

Bacteria is our God

And Spore (spora) is seed of God.





This war is not for us



Hi! My hubby where are you?

I endure labor pain,

To bring your child in this world;

You are needed here to solace,

Embrace to courage,

To withstand the pain of disquietude;

But thou in war zone,

Holding gun to kill others;

War is game of greedy reigns,

Use own people as sheep,

Sacrifice to commemorate,

The festive ‘weapon sale’;

Seek vote from us with slogans,

‘Food and home for all’;

But in ground reality,

More than half of world

Still lack food to quench hunger;

War on hunger, homelessness,

They still lack the will;

This war is not for us,

We live for kids, live fir each other;

Come my hubby come,

Have a glimpse of new born;

This chance is once,

In your whole life.






Sadashivan Nair

Recipient of a gold medal from Realistic poetry on child labor poetry. He began his writing twenty years ago on social issues like child labor and society, poverty a subjetitute condition of Eunuchs in India, and absence of social security in informal sectors. They were forwarded to appropriate Government for necessary actions. He also wrote two novels on negative positive factors and we and the dry leaves and three poetry books.

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