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Kiron Krishnan







O cool vivifying stream of nectar!

Thirsty for you, my sinews are!

As you embrace and take off my heat

I realize the fire in the inner heat.


The gates closed are thrown open

Let me drink you up with all my passion

Each of your syllables mighty and firm

Reverberate in my inner realm.


The earth unites with the seed of life

The rivers of emotions flow with life

Ecstasy explodes annihilating gloom

There you are, wholly, in my room.


Your fair bright and mesmerizing light

Has gifted in dark the unfailing sight.

Death is far, yea, far away.

You being present in me leading my way,


Here you take me to skies so high

Let me, with you, happily fly.

Releasing streams from mountains so brave

The light is found inside the cave.


As you meet me, I am left alone

Detached from others, with you alone.

In the rapture you bring, let me sing

The song that keeps me enchanting.






Kiron Krishnan

Kiron Krishnan is a student of engineering from India who is a poet by passion. Being multilingual, his poetry is a melting pot of various poetic cultures, right from Rigveda. He has published poetry in English, Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit, and has also edited anthologies.

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