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Marzia Rahman Shawlin




The shadow will guide you

Though you thought that shadows only follow.

This endless pain will be gone too

Though you always knew that this will never go.


This night will bring another dawn

And sweet surrender of the tree of sorrow.

You will find the oasis of joy

Perhaps in the desert where only cacti grow.


From the silhouette of today

Your story will be told and extend to tomorrow.

Though you thought that I hide

You will know that I never had anything to show.








Winter came just as he did,

With promises he never kept.

Just as the red quilt was bought in anticipation of a cold night,

He rethought the terms and conditions of the owner’s right.


The shared cups and dishwashing bars should leave my ashtray behind,

With my bloodstain, the mirror should now be taken to the land of never mind,


His red quilt was too precious to be shared with the most insignificant one,

The charming name of the self-made flame was never meant to be outdone.






Marzia Rahman Shawlin

Marzia Rahman Shawlin is a Bangladeshi academic, poet, and translator. She was born in Barisal, Bangladesh on 15 March 1989. She holds an MSS in Mass Communication and Journalism, graduated from Dhaka University where she stood first in her BSS (Hons.) degree. Starting her career at the UNB and later worked at the Press Institute of Bangladesh, she switched to Academia. Currently, she is a lecturer of Mass Communication and Journalism at the University of Dhaka. Previously, she taught at the University of Development Alternative, Green University of Bangladesh, and Jagannath University. She is academically interested in Gender, Culture, New Media, and Film Studies. She loves books, nature, flowers, photography, and travelling, and has a great passion for Arts, Literature, and Culture.

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