February 16, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim




The Food Is Still On Fire



When my ears heard mouths murmuring

In the street saying

is the food not ready?

Like a hungry kid,

Who is eager to eat

I think of how far the food is on fire

I don’t know how to start convincing them

 But I only said

The food is still on fire

So soon the patient will eat

And be satisfied for years long





APC Please Prove To Us



APC Please prove to us

that you are a fine fan

That can dry the sweat in us

After the sixteen years

of hardness

And get a handkerchief

to clean our tears

That has been for sixteen years

Then You have proved to us

That You are changed to us





Nigeria’s Twin Teeth



Hand holds,

The big tooth brush,

To clean Nigeria’s dirty twin teeth,

with many macleans,

To make the milk teeth clean,

Before turning to brown,

Who will eat joyfully with dirty teeth?


Molars broke the big brush,

In the early days

Chewingstick comes in the noon

To remove remains of food fast. Soon

Mouth omits nice smell like a fresher

Food flows in joy


If hands continue to clean,

Mouth will smell like a powerful perfume





Nigerian Hawk



What a horrific hour in Nigeria!

Full with horrifying hawk,

Hawk is a hen hijacker,

That hijacks hens to the fat Nigeria’s forest;

Full of tall grasses,

As dark as black charcoal


What would the fine faces of the land say?

The tears falling are capable of filling a bucket

Their loud voice is becoming low,

I neither know when the hawk will release the hens

Nor do I know when they are coming home?






Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim is a young African poet. He was born in the year 2001. He lives in Gombe, Gombe State, Nigeria. He attended Gombe Children School for his nursery and primary school education. He is a final student at Gombe High School. He is a member of Poets In Nigeria, Gombe Connect Centre. He started writing at the age of 15.

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