March 12, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Bob Eager




Uncommon Computer Cubicle Vultures



Hovering around waiting for prey…

Or for a warm body to leave the terminal space;


Be careful logout quick don’t leave it open!

Information may be compromised,

Scavengers surround you

Where do they come from?

From the sky no a hallway?


Out of nowhere from the parking lot,

To the middle of the room,

A Carcass of data awaits.

Lurking behind the doors…..


Into the reference center.


Waiting to strike-


Look behind you;


Scavenging in thin air…


They have landed to take over your computer and revel in their new cubicle,

Shut it down or…


Miss your chance to save your privacy.

Identity may be contrived against your liking…


And all of your potential belongings maybe hijacked.







Bob Eager

Bob Eager’s work appears in Stray Branch, Leaves of ink, Camel Saloon, Vision With Voices among others. Bob also can be seen reciting poetry on a video channel called Charisma Corner. Bob addresses in these poems the Danger of Nuclear Infected Ants and pontificates on the question is Melba Fake or Real Toast.

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