March 13, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Karen Olshansky




No Collusion



There is no collusion he says,

confusion reigns,

reaping seeds of doubt.

Logic takes a holiday

truth drowns in a pool of sorrows,

tomorrow is thrown

away as carelessly as a rusty

nail. Lies become truth and

we are led to a place

as ugly as empty bomb craters,


assisted by the guile of many

who cur favor, who trade

integrity for influence,

who bow, who grovel,

who spread mistruths

with little regard for ramifications.

Tenets, once sacrosanct,

can be thoughtlessly derailed,


Yes, there is collusion, not with the enemy,

but by some who are sworn to uphold laws.






Karen Olshansky

Karen Olshansky is an LCSW psychotherapist who practiced in Richmond, Virginia for 32 years. Since her retirement, she writes poetry, is active in political affairs, and is a certified Advanced Care Directive facilitator with Honoring Choices Virginia. She will have a poem appearing in the soon to be published James River Poet’s Anthology.

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