March 20, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Chiamaka Nwabueze (Tiana)




A Prisoner To Her Past



She was asked why she hates love

Hmm! Love

That intriguing sensation

Which causes the brave to tremble ,

And the mighty to fall.

Love that promising shield,

Which made her a prisoner to her past.

Oh! Love that sweet fine wine,

Which left her sour beyond measures

The last time she partook of its alluring escapade.

How is she suppose to love ,

If her heart like a tattered kite

Still roams the four cardinal points

Of the earth on a fixed anchor

Looking for a purpose to move ahead

A place to rest

And a body to call home.






Chiamaka Nwabueze (Tiana)

Chiamaka Nwabueze (Tiana) is a female writer from Nigeria. She is currently an undergraduate student of the University of Benin where she studies English language and literature.

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