April 3, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Shivali Kundal




Do You Remember?



Do you remember when I was crying?

And you were sleeping peacefully beside me.

Do you remember how broken I was that night?

And I was still pretending as if everything was right.

Do you remember how you pushed me in the bed?

And don’t cry, don’t shout, keep quiet you said.

Do you remember those scars which you gave me?

And do you know they still hurt me.

Mom, you remember I regretted that night?

That I’m your daughter when you forcefully made me a bride.

Dad, do you remember I said I am not ready?

And you said I have planned everything already.

Do you remember when all my clothes were being torn?

And somewhere in my heart hatred against humanity was born.

Do you remember how difficult it was to handle the pain?

And do you remember you used and threw my body naked, down the lane?

Do you remember I begged you not to force and even after you brutally abused me.

Do you remember my cries and unstoppable tears?

And do you remember how dreadfully you increased my fears?

Do you remember when we were married you promised me a smile?

And how smoothly you ruined everything in a tiny fraction of time?

Do you remember your long love letters, were all those lies?

And do you remember the OUCH in my voice and shivering in my eyes?






Shivali Kundal

I am Shivali Kundal, doing masters in English Literature from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu.

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