The innovators’ fight in the weapons of marginalization and exclusion

April 5, 2018 Middle East , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS



Mahmoud Maharmeh



Perhaps one of the many reasons why Arab people are classed as being in the ranks of Third World countries is the great shortcomings of their countries, including Jordan, towards innovators, researchers and inventors. In the Arab world in general, and Jordan in particular, the creators, intellectuals and inventors are exposed to marginalization, exclusion, a lack of support, encouragement, motivation and even simplification of their efforts and services, often from colleagues of the profession or others for reasons, excuses, arguments or malicious actions.


In Jordan, we had a dialogue with a journalist who made his way to excellence and creativity. He received many awards in countries around the world. He has a lot of wonderful initiatives and ideas regarding media development and how the media can play a key role in supporting development in all its political, economic and social forms. Media journalist Mahmoud Maharmah suffers from exclusion and marginalization like thousands of Jordanians who are creative and distinguished in various sectors and who can play a major role in developing various sectors.


How do Jordan and the Arab people view the creative or intellectual person?


The reality of creative man suffers and I mean the owners of creative ideas and inventors and thinkers of frustration and extreme exclusion. Exclusion from decision-making places is considered by many to be annoying, disturbing and obsessed. It is known that the decision-making center in Jordan and the Arab world is often based on the basis of a lack of proper professionalism and lack of experience. The improvisation of decision and favoritism and therefore the move towards the support of creativity and creators is not invested in the ideal way. In creative Western countries, it opens the doors of encouragement and to moral and material support, and is referred to in the media, the media quick to meet and receive it from universities and research centers; something that is rarely respected and appreciated in Arab countries.


When will Arab people take a stand against their creators?


Arab minds have the intelligence to fill the world, but a warrior in his homeland or Strait, which is a diphtheria and this case will end them, resulting in one of two things; either frustration and depression and then isolation and unity, or migration to Western countries to adopt their ideas and ambition. The preservation of the creative and productive and sincerity of the people of the homeland is a binding obligation for all, because the country progresses and develops with their participation and we do not want them more than they deserve and we do not like more than respect and appreciate them instead of leaving them in the wind. from there harassing and fighting them in the field of science and research or trying to underestimate them. I personally had such an experience in Jordan and contributed to finding and setting up a Jordanian inventor association to unify their word and collective demands to support them and achieve their ambitions.


Is your equity in your country?


The truth has never been corrected in any way, even from my colleagues in radio and television and the Jordanian media in general, but I will continue to work and challenge all the difficulties.







Mahmoud Maharmeh

I work as an editor and journalist in the news department at the Jordan Radio and Television Corporation. I am also a presenter on Jordanian television and produce and present a programme called ‘Seasons of Good’.

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