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Kay Roberts




Faithful Companion



You walk a step in front of me, clearing our path from harm,

You walk by my side, you don’t carry a firearm.

You sleep at the side of me, our bed a concrete floor,

I promise I will carry you, if you can’t take any more.

You protect me from danger, you’re always on red alert,

You comfort and support me, when you know that I am hurt.

You show your faithfulness, in everything you do,

I promise to be your companion, I’ll always be there for you.

You serve your country, your loyalty is beyond compare,

You’re there in times of hardship, showing that you care.

You carry on regardless, through a war torn land,

I promise to be with you forever, by your side I’ll always stand.

You don’t take risks, you take your duties in your stride,

You don’t shy away, you don’t run and hide.

You’re not just a military dog, you’re my best friend,

I promise we’ll be together, until our days do end.





Stand at Ease



Stand at ease soldier,

Rest your weary soul,

You’ve served your country,

You’ve walked your last patrol.

Stand at ease soldier,

Rest your tired paws,

You’ve saved so many lives,

You’ve travelled lands, torn with wars.

Stand at ease soldier,

Rest and ease your mind,

You’ve served with honour and pride,

You’ve protected your mankind.

Stand at ease soldier,

Rest your senses for a while,

You’ve shown you were a warrior,

You’ve always gone that extra mile.

Stand at ease soldier,

Rest, it’s your time to just be you,

You’ve been and done all you can,

You’ve been there to see us through.

Stand at ease soldier,

You’re no longer part of this charade,

We’ll salute you and say farewell,

On this, your last parade.






Kay Roberts

I have been composing poetry from as far back as I can remember, it started as just a hobby and a fun way to express my emotions.

It has over the years become my passion. I cover most genres and endeavour to support numerous good causes such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bullying.

The majority of my poetry however, is based on my innermost thoughts and emotions. I gain a vast majority of my inspiration from every day life, the good and the bad. I constantly have words running through my mind, writing poetry my release.

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