May 3, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Anuja Ghimire




Snow angels in the ether



Again the earth faces the sun with the same scars

While she turns, the children float farther in the air


Like kites in a vacuum,

butterflies in the bell jar

they are

still snow

angels in the ether

hands and legs forever apart


Again we have swept away gun powder

with an iron broom and its callous straws

but the tip of the handle pokes holes in the sky

and the children slip through


we fill each space with a face and a name

and drop them off near cemented places






Anuja Ghimire

Anuja Ghimire was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. A Pushcart-and Best of the Net nominee, she’s published in the U.S., Canada, and Nepal. Most recently, her poem “The Summer of Endless Rain” appeared in Glass: A Journal of Poetry. She lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and two little girls and writes poetry. In the day, she works as an editor/publisher in the e-learning industry. @NepaliPoet; saffronandsymmetry.tumblr.com

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