May 3, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Rishabh Pal




Ode to Freedom



O Lady, of our freedom song,

O Mother, I summon thee!

In shadow of terror, preach!

Your light, O Liberty!


Down the valley of the River of Time,

In the shining sands of Fraternity!

In the bustling swamps of concrete ways,

In glimmering Oceans of free!


In caverns that echo of terror, deep,

In grasslands sprawling out!

Deep down the copper soil,

Your wings, O Mother, flout!


In dark forests, where hush those souls

Which instilled not the Earthborn!

From coast to coast, resounds the ghost

Of Justice killed and shorn!


From atop the snow capped, jagged hills,

Where trepid eyes rest shut closed!

Hope the Sun will show peaceful day,

In your presence, do surmise!


I know we started out as one,

And I know we paced ahead.

I know we started pacing forth each other,

And we lost your humble tread.


And now we carry a load so dead

That our shoulders have rotten in shame.

We stand knee deep in blood and deceive

You, and taint your sacred name.






Rishabh Pal

Born in Kolkata in 2002, presently aspiring to pursue a career in theoretical physics. Writing wasn’t always my passion – it’s an escape from the shackles of reality for me. I wouldn’t have found my love for writing had I not received relentless encouragement and support from my dearest friend. I dedicate this to her.

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