May 11, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Christa Pandey







black sky

not black tie

threatening rumble

not risqué comedy

heavenly thunder

and rain to spare


the rare spring storm

we called Stormy Daniels

three inches of rain

and temps in the sixties

might raise the seeds

long hidden

by April’s cold nights


as the newest smarmy

New Yorker in Washington

might help germinate

the twisted tweets

into plants and fruits

of summer’s heat

“We’ll see what happens.”






Christa Pandey

Christa Pandey has been an avid watcher of politics and society all her life. As a European immigrant with connections to India through marriage her worldview is fairly broad. This is reflected in her poetry, which can be found in numerous anthologies and small journals as well as three chapbooks.

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