The Women Must Be Crazy

May 15, 2018 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS

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Godfred Kwaku Ennin



The rainy season has not eluded us the seasonal showers and we wish that is all it could bless us with. But unfortunately, the usual storms that accompanied the wet season are less felt as Gender issues continue to take centre stage.


In the contemporary world in general and the 21st Century in particular, the three uppermost issues that will permeate society I think will be Acts of Terrorism, Homosexuality and thirdly, the theme for this write up – issues of Gender Advocacy, especially Feminism.


The basic difference between our modern day feminists and Gender Advocates could be likened to Education, the awareness of Gender roles and bitterness. It’s not surprising that most women under the cloth of bitterness and pain from precedence, tend to hate men for reasons only known to them and, by extension, call that backward act ‘feminism’ and pride themselves as a ‘feminist.’


It is barbaric that some men in modern day delineate the competencies of women to the ‘conventional’ kitchen. Society has transcended from such a limited purview from which men and women’s roles must be viewed. Statements such as ‘All men are the same’ and ‘Women will always be women’ are derogatory in nature and must be suppressed among the sexes.


Inasmuch as women want their voices to be heard, it is prudent that they get the necessary education to talk about gender sensitive issues and not just limit themselves to feminism which most women use as an expression of hatred for men because men are ‘suppressive’.


There is less doubt that most societies are patriarchally skewed. However, our collective mission as men and women in the discourse of Gender is to dig deep and fish out the institutions that are reinforcing gender disparities in societies.


What is the role of Religion, Culture, Biology, Politics among others in the continual existence of Gender differences and inequalities in society?


These are the right questions to find answers to rather than just flooding social media with gender biased posts which contribute less or even nothing to Gender parity.


Biologically, he was a male and for that matter a man. However, in his multiple award winning book – In The Chest of a Woman, the late Efo Kodjo Mawugbe stressed the unrelenting zeal of women to do something for the society if not for themselves. He wrote, “In the chest of a woman, it is not only an extension of breast and a feeble heart but a flaming desire to possess and use power.”


This statement (from a man) seems to incite the power of women in society and for which and among other reasons, women must not be discriminated, suppressed and worse of all, relegated to the kitchen.


Men must see women as having the potential and strength to match up. The differences between the two sexes must be buried in biology instead of social and cultural definitions which pose a greater threat to social Cohesion.


To draw the line, sex is the biological definition for being a male or female. Gender on the other hand is the social and cultural definition for being a man or woman. From the gender perspective, the roles and responsibilities are woven into our make and we tend to act based on the social abstractions of who a man or women is. Women love pink and men love blue, men are providers and women are nurturers, men love mathematics and women love the arts; but a few or socially defined Gender traits which are subject to changes from the onset of primary socialization.


Education is the key and it must be the driving force in reconciling the social differences between the two sexes.


We must come to terms with the fact that we need each other to exceed our limits. The progress society needs lies in the collective efforts of both parties. Both must learn, relearn and unlearn where necessary to appreciate their critical roles in society and at least give each other the desirable accolades in reaching their goals for the benefit of society and humanity at large.


Of course, “the women must be crazy”, most men rant these words upon hearing that they (women) want to pull parity but my question is, what is the role of men in the ‘craziness’ of women?





Godfred Kwaku Ennin

Godfred Kwaku Ennin, as I’m affectionately called, is an up and coming sensational and creative writer who hails from Kwahu Mpreaso in the Eastern region of Ghana. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and sociology at the University of Cape Coast. My passion is to write about the relevant social, educational, political and economical issues, among many others, circular issues and is mostly triggered by personal experiences birthed by my desire to write. Such a characteristic of me is evident in the originality, innovativeness and influence of my articles. I am driven by my popular saying ‘UNTIL THE OCEAN FREEZES TO BREEZEI WILL ALWAYS BE AT THE SHORE TO WRITE.’

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