May 22, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Caleb Eriksson







The moon was crusted, a meringue,

the air cloy

on our breaths.

Our cheeks ruddy and frosted.

Leaping over roots

we ran

skirting around endless trunks

of ancient redwoods.

The cliff a finish line

where she leapt,

faithful in her faithlessness,

arms spread like angel wings

legs pointed and aimed,

she spiralled mid-air

smiling back to me

her invincibility

so bright, so youthful,

it created shadows

sewn into the fabric night.






Caleb Eriksson

Caleb Eriksson is a poet, writer and reader from the Gold Coast, Queensland. He has been writing for the past six years and has always enjoyed the ‘wearing someone else’s shoes’ perspective creative writing and reading brings. He believes fictional reading provides a break from the world, an escape from reality, and a building of stronger moral blocks from events non-readers couldn’t fathom or hope to experience. He is studying to be a Librarian and intents to spend his life advocating the importance of literature in our society.

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