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Crystal Ignatowski




An Open Poem To Big Men Up In Skies And Big Men Up On Pedestals



I would like to write a poem.

A poem that is mature. A poem

that also says fuck you. World.

Unraveling like a spool of thread.

Rolling down a staircase. We’re

all rolling down our own staircase.

We’re all crawling along. Like slugs.

Misery streaming out us. Like a proclamation.

Like we know something.


The papers print this and that.

I’m tired of reading. Gray. Black

and white is better but no one

is. Brave enough. No one is.

Safe enough. My slug body

is getting. Droopy. Getting.

Smooshy. I’m tired of being.

Here. Here is messy. I want to ring

myself out like a sponge. I want

to make you drink my excess.

Won’t you drink. My excess.

Won’t you drink my excess.

Won’t you drink.

Won’t you.





Crystal Ignatowski

Crystal Ignatowski’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in WRIST, Contemporary Haibun Online, One Sentence Poems, and elsewhere. She lives and writes in Oregon.

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