June 8, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Sheena Pillai Singh







Somewhere someone asked me

“Which’s your favorite flower?”

And when I said Roses,

they told me there are thorns.


I said they are how you feel them.


If you allow them to flourish,

they are flowers for a Queen.


If you see them as thorns,

You won’t see the beauty,

but a stem which never grows.

 Just the way you see around.

Clear your viewing glasses

You’ll see more blessings

than a sting of curses.





Tease Me



Watch me soar

in my glory

as your wings

of envy fail

to tie me…


Spill more hatred;

ignite my fire…


your demons,


spit more venom;

let me grow stronger

in pursuit of

of my glowing reverence


Laud me

from the ground

else your vices

go up in my flames..






Sheena Pillai Singh

I am an Engineer by profession, working in New Delhi. Interested in reading and writing poetry / stories since my college days. Please feel free to share your valuable feedback.

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