June 15, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Alex Pickens




Notes from the White House



I’m angry.  I’m male.  I’m white.

Capitalist.  Conservative.  That’s right.

You think I’ll crack because of that bullseye on my back?

I’m so pissed I write my own name on your blacklist.

‘Murica, son.  Red, white, and hot.

Number One.  Like it or not.


Keep your socialist scatology away from my history—

I met with Kanye and I’m feeling superior, morally.

Ad hominem the pillars of the Nation? You disgrace.

Patriotism.  It’s that goddamn look on my face.

I don’t need your permission to work hard and succeed,

I’ll fist-fight for freedom, and for freedom I’ll bleed.


A juggernaut that always goes for the jugular,

If you’re on top you act like the thug you are!

I can send Asia to the Stone Age with a nuclear fairy ring.

I’ll stand in my star-spangled pants and I’ll proudly sing:

Oh say can you see, you SOB,

Welcome to the land of liberty!






Alex Pickens

Alex hopes to write satire in mainstream literature, particularly in social and political realms, where historically it has flourished. He is more in the school of Juvenal and Lucian (whom Jonathan Swift emulated) than Horace and his comic screenplays have won national awards, while his poems and essays have been published in university literary magazines. For some reason he has a degree in both English and economics and in his free time he jogs in the mountains and reads historical literature. His greatest aspiration is to make the world laugh at him and his friends have confidence that this will happen.

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