June 22, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Penn Kemp







The earth’s magnetic field serves

as a reference guide for our Fox


to measure distance, the inclination

angle, the way the field line points

down to the ground in a fixed angle


like a flashlight. Fox’s ears locate her

prey but sound alone does not suffice

to pinpoint a vole’s nest, a catch.


New Scientist reports Fox can see earth’s

magnetic field as a “ring of shadow” on

his eyes that darkens as he heads towards


magnetic north. When shadow lines up

with the squeaks of the prey, Fox pounces.


These magnetic field sensors are located

on the retina of the right eye, a visual

pattern superimposed on his normal field.


So science thinks. I’ve never asked Fox what

he sees across the waves, literal and etheric.






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Penn Kemp

Penn Kemp is an activist Canadian poet, playwright and editor.  Her latest works are Local Heroes, and the forthcoming Fox Haunts. Recent books include Barbaric Cultural Practice and two anthologies edited, Women and Multimedia and Performing Women. See www.pennkemp.weebly.com.

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