June 28, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Jenny Rose Sabugo Santos




The Language of Silence



And the heart laments like the sky,


Salty pearls roll out the soul’s windows

Will vision be clouded no more?

The mind is in utter chaos…

Invaded by twisted thoughts

Unrhymed and uncombed.

What can unravel the tangled thread?


Unsent love letters will be deciphered not

Gagged voice unable to express what’s kept inside.

Shackled hands – lips stitched together.

Forbidding to speak the matters of the heart

I secretly sing from a distance.


The unfinished poems, hoping to match

With the music of my star,

But still out of tune –

Maybe all I need are my wings

Not to soar and colour my sky –

But to fly back lest I miss

my real land






Jenny Rose Sabugo Santos

Jenny Rose Santos is a poet from the Philippines. Her inspiration comes from nature and issues that some people don’t want to face nowadays. Love, light, and the messages of the Universe are reflected in the poetry. Most of her poems are in free verse and her poetry embraces wide range of themes. Besides poems, she also writes short stories.

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