July 6, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Daniel Ajayi




On the day of dark Lagos



To the people, they wanted little fame

not much sugar, petite salt to their life taste.

Admired by their pleasing realms.

They desired much more than given

to cross lakes and put dreams on table as food.

Sweat, forgetting sufferings and dangers which occurred

for sake of eating meat everyday


The many things of life appeared on such days

that only bad incidences accept human’s fate.

The day full of youthful energies

kids wore their best lace, many ladies warned;

never to forget the make-up kit.

Everyone with its plate had where to face

She waits; darkness around the place.


Such pains, so much bitter, a memorable shake

Smells of diesels, shadows of dark, where death stood waiting.

Places to go, destiny shortened, it explode

None would have thought-life a waste, but

meaningful to open eyes of those alive till date.

The teething troubles too much in the country

you only know now; how it causes heat in the body.


A dark Lagos, dark June in the country I live in

What fame could they have ask from us

Not this of all;

Tears of blood, memories with stiches, fame that’s lame

Rest in perfect peace.






Voice from the crowd



He knows my name, my territory

The dryness of dreams on such places

he kept stocks of those heavies

telling a day, when shall it come


African waves knows this lecture

Togetherness on our very soil

There are taunt of voices

South, north, west and east

Does not hear it


It was blessed a day, with hurdles

Leaving behind never to return

And prayed before Nike to bring victory

Convinced to sacrifice it needs


Non spirit, the voice could help

What gods of all dared God?

Let me in to know the voice

It stillness left ointment of holies

as it voiced words from the crowd






What we are known for



We are known

If the day broke it circle and the night forget it shift

our house hold name, the rainbow nation, caught the  heart of men

If the brain knows sense of uberty in the soil

and the children it brings, to care for our generations


We had known

The meaning of giants, and glory of kings

and the 527 land that made the call of Naija

The blend of culture, wishes us to want mother’s food

and the masquerade that develop our music


We Know

Ravaging beauties encompasses her house of rest

It can be very cold on summit days before

the sun arises to cherish you, while it

did not dress Jewries with flashy cameras


What we are known for

Is the baby oil reserves to build nations and

have both atlantics and Mediterranean coastlines

the law to be friendly and time on our side

We are known for gold and Palestine at beckon






Daniel Ajayi

Daniel Ajayi practices the belief that feelings are to be expressed in writings, which allow him to enjoy what he’s doing best. He is currently working on an M.A in organization behavior. Some of his Poems have appeared on Indian Periodical, Bravearts Africa, The Parousia Magazine, KreativDiadem, forthcoming in African Writers and elsewhere. He resides in Nigeria, there he writes to the world.

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