July 10, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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M. Thomas Ellis




The Heart Of The Matter



How many will howl with the mad dog?

that is the question we ask, those of us

close to the heart of the matter, those of us

not resembling the righteous prescription.


The beast barks, yowls, and nips, insinuating

his pack towards heinous acts of herd purity,

homogenizing transgressions

always the last resort of endangered brutes.


Will it ever come to that, could it ever be that

a knock might someday abuse our queer doors,

come to cast us off into that deafening silence,

the disease eradicated, the remedy final?


By those who would as soon see us







M. Thomas Ellis

M. Thomas Ellis is recently retired and enjoying his transplantation from chilly Minnesota to the sunny west coast of Florida. He has only just begun submitting his poetry for publication and may someday have a few credits to list.

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  1. Margaret Parsons July 11, at 01:16

    I love this Michael. Let's hope it does not come to this silence too soon.


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