July 25, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Theodora Chirapa




Abortion’s Backstreet



The stench of death,

Pervades the night air,

On abortion’s backstreet.


Where the old accomplice

Eagerly awaits,

With bloody bowl

And rusty knife.


And the ferocious fiend

Of infanticide feverishly feasts

The night away.


As new life

Untimely ripped from

Nature’s warm bosom.


Is devoured

In a vacuum of violence

To bleed away

In a deluge of blood.






Love Child



Passion’s lecherous lips,

Explore unchartered Virgin territory,

Thoughtlessly thrusting new life

Unwarranted into this world.


New mother to be,

School drop out in one,

Cries foul,

As teacher turned father

Tours Truancy Street.


Delving into depths of denial,

And taking her

On a roving rollercoaster

Ride of rejection.






Theodora Chirapa

Theodora Chirapa is a poet from Zimbabwe. Her work is published in several anthologies across the world which include Ghetto Diary and Other Poems by Zimbabwe Publishing House and Drums of Africa by Diaspora Publisher in the United Kingdom. She is a teacher of English and has dedicated her life to mentoring young writers and performing artists in the Zimbabwean school system.

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  1. Ruth July 26, at 10:51

    Beautiful poem Theo. Keep on writing.


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