August 22, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Olatubosun David




It Shall Be Alright


(To those who have lost their persons or properties in the present crisis)



The rain has stopped now, and

The sky is cleared

But the tide remains at the shore

The wreckage of the naked walls

Awaits the coming of landlords

Who may never return to them again


The fire has laid now to rest, and

The smoke subsided

But carcasses of the roasted victims

Lay still like stale faeces bitten by the rain

Awaiting the claim of the bereaved

Who may never recognise their people again


These troubles will soon be out of the scene

To settle in the mind

Those hide behind the rock shooting

Discord and pain

Those counting their victory

At the number of the fallen masses

Await also their day of reckoning


It shall be alright

In spite of the dark tunnel

I can see a bright new dawn

If we keep hope alive






Remembering Those Days



Remembering those days

When his heart was heavy with problems

You came with your problems

To lighten his heavy heart


He was as busy always as a bee

Never for once has time for himself

To sweep, to launder

To serve the stove for soup and Honeywell*

He set out at dawn to

Set in late in the night

No caterer no cook at home

It was a tough time

I also share a dose of it


Sometimes he ends the day with booli**

Bread to him is a scarce commodity

To him, bread is not the best, either

For the pot is dry, the stew is finished


Remembering those days

When my heart was burdened with problems

Those bitter, bitter past

Now are sweet tales

They say woman is a problem disguised

Pretty woman, pretty wahala***

My problem has arrived because

My woman has finally come

My problems are gone because

A problem is now with me


If problem brings this relief

And consolations, which coveted I so long

That problem is a solution

May she always abide with me

My solution, my problem

My problem, my solution

Let her abide in my bosom

Till death shall do us part




*Honeywell Pasta

** A roasted plantain eaten as snacks

*** Problem






Olatubosun David

Olatubosun David is a Nigeria writer and poet. A graduate of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State (2013), in Office Technology and Management. Currently works as a confidential secretary in the department of Mathematical Sciences, Achievers University, Owo. Ondo-State, Nigeria.

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