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Zunayet Ahammed




What Are You Doing?



“What are you doing?” said lady to him,

“The world is full of chaos.

Any moment acid rain may come here.

Colour of the sun will be faded.

The Chimbuk Hill will lose its beauty.

Ice may fall in Dhaka City.

Gray will be colour of the universe.

Mornings will miss their charms.

No vehicles will move in the street.

Time changes,

Also changes the bad.”


“Do you hear”, said inactive to active,

“Man kills man here.

The children are very hapless and hopeless here.

The artistes are dying here without having true honour.

Here puppets are the intellectuals.

The courageous saying nothing callous.

One day, here, everything will go under the control of beautiful ladies.

Soon, dogs, cats and donkeys will come to take their lessons in schools, colleges and even in Universities?”


“What was the crew,” said terror to listener,

Did you hear its sweet note in any dawn

Among trees softly?

Now, no where birds are singing with full throated voice.


Out of realization, said the man to her,

“You can never conquer the world”, said he to her,

“These things enchant you”, said listener to lady

“Remember, motion is life. There is no pleasure in motionlessness.

Inactiveness is curse.

Be courageous, laborious and perseverant,” uttered fighter to callous.






No One Feels My Generosity



No one feels my generosity

Time is muted by naked cupidity

World alters rapidly

Everywhere motionlessness and crankiness

Difficult to obtain the unobtainable.


Dogs, here, play with power, cats dance

Foxes are busy all the time having their shares

Tigers are sleepy

Life is stolen and snatched

Worthlessness is a funny game

No one broods over them,

Sees them merely.

No one, today, plays a song for me

There is no place I’m going to


No one shows kindness

Bows down their heads

Respects man

As it’s in the past

Loves a girl

While love denotes sex, money and business

No one here approaches to drench our souls

Clouds and darkness everywhere

Reality is starkly being cursed and seduced

I can’t move a little.


No one feels my generosity,

Measures my heart,

Estimates my positive thoughts

And never thinks of goodness for others

As I do.

Do the dogs love men?

Yes, they do

But some dogs are rampantly roaming

Always ready to nibble us wildly



No one feels my generosity.







Zunayet Ahammed

Zunayet Ahammed, born in Bangladesh, is an Assistant Professor of English, Northern University Bangladesh in Bangladesh. He is an author of a book, Ochena Swapnaloke (In an Undiscovered Dreamland). His second book, UNHEARD MELODIES, a collection of English poems, of which almost all the poems are being published in Literary Yard, a popular online Indian literary magazine, is in the process of publication. Besides, he has written more than ten scholarly articles that earned fame home and abroad. Above all, he is a poet, critic, translator, fiction writer, researcher and editor of two books interested particularly in creation.

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