September 7, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Emmanuel Ojelade




For We Are Children Of Beggars



We are children of beggars

we have no choice but to automatically harness our little talent

or what we know it as

knowing how to beg and prolly wash cars


Since we’re surrounded by poverty

penury, and a radical outlook of insanity

We live our lives with no strings attached to it

all we do is just for us and those in our surroundings (family)


We’re children of beggars

Life’s hard, those on the outside

They complain of mere power outs

But then, do we even know what’s called light?


In here is pitch-black

our raggy clothes own their rags

Even us is black and dark

Life for us is to black that it’s gone stark


Please help we children of beggars

We don’t know what is called life

To us, it’s just pure strife and massive plights

But with your help, we can have in life, better times






Mind Of A Hungry Beggar Boy



We’re hungry

But we are lacking


We can’t even dare ask

Cos for us all, eating food is really a heinous task


They’re moving out in their cars

While we, in here we are, hiding in our infectious scars


I wanna go out of here to there

But what about these ones I’ve got as friends


It’s really irking

But can I be in such a hurry?


If I have the brain to leave!

How will my younger ones live?


If I have the power to go and beg!

What about those in here, living without legs?


But then, we’re hungry

And we’ve got no one sending us daily meals


Seems I just have to make a run for it

And beg a few things for human beings to eat


We all don’t have a choice but to live our time this way

For we are children of those who didn’t make good use of their young days.






Emmanuel Ojelade

Emmanuel Ojelade is a poet and writer who’s majorly involved in humanitarian acts.

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