October 23, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Madhumita Sinha




Don’t stop the storm anymore



Here she comes



Shedding all her inhibitions



Displaying her scarred face

To the world,

Without any fear to lose anything left

Enough is enough

Enough of being politically correct

All the time





And faking

Enough is enough

Eventually she lets out her rage

Breaking her silence

Shaking her shackles

Emerging out of the shell

As she wants to fly away

Without any restrictions

Without any bondage

She is finally ready to

Taste her freedom

To face the world

With courage

Displaying her scars

Which are her milestones

Of her solo journey towards her freedom

Baring her bruises

Which are reminders that

She won’t be the same again

To tell the world

She is ready to take on her life

Only on her own terms.

She says ‘watch me as I come’






Madhumita Sinha

Madhumita Sinha is an HR professional, a published author of a poetry book ‘Heartbeats‘ 72, random beats and a prolific poet. She contributes her poetry in numerous international as well national literary journals. She loves to perform on her own creations at various forums and poetry clubs. Being an avid Toastmaster she loves her stage presence and also enjoys judging various contests. She is known for her strong voice in her poetries which are women centric besides touching other emotions of life. A true romantic at heart love is her strongest emotion she enjoys penning on and performing.

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  1. Bikram Dutta October 23, at 08:57

    This poetry stands out from the crowd and culminates with altogether new form of freshness in expressing myriad vivid thoughts in very farceful yet simple manner.


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