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Sheshu Babu




A young martyr in battlefield



(In memory of Azeem, an 8-year old student of Madrasa was killed by neighboring children in south Delhi, India after a scuffle. The clash was related to land dispute and communal issues)




You knew nothing

Except following the teaching

Without questioning

The scriptures…

Mugging verse by verse.


Unaware of the vicious

World, your mind brimming with innocence,

Could not think of the malice

Fast spreading in every nook and corner

Poisoning every youngster

In your vicinity…

You ventured out to play

Only to succumb and lay

Down your life in the hands of barbarians –

The communal frenzy miscreants


While you were wriggling in pain

And struggling to regain

Your composure, they hit you again and again

Till your fight ended in vain…


Oh! Young soldier!

You did not lose your life…

It is humanity that has lost its color

And value and esteem rife






The poisonous garden



(Shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue)



The garden brimmed with beautiful flowers

And air full of nostalgic fragrance

Till some poison was secretly added

And the whole garden defiled

Now, flowers wilted with disease unknown

And the garden looks forlorn….

Venom has been spilled

As the saplings spew hatred


Slowly the ecstatic joy faded

Flowers began to fall on the ground….

Nobody cared for the once beautiful garden

It fell into the hands of communal lumpen


The seeds sown by ‘gardener ‘ Trump

Have devastated flowers from their stump

The garden of Eden turned into graveyard

US nation mourns this communal backyard.






Sheshu Babu

The writer from anywhere and everywhere is interested in the betterment of the whole world. Whenever the writer ponders on the question ‘who am I?’ He finds response from Bhupen Hazarika lyric (Bengali),’Ami ek Jajabor’ (I am a gypsy). 

Some works have appeared in Countercurrents.org, Dissidentvoice.org, Counterview.org, counterview.net, Velivada.com, etc. 

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