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Tafadzwa Bandera




Rebel With A Cause?



When l take a look at the life l am living.

My heart bleeds because it’s not pleasing.

I have realised that l am too submissive.

And the only way is to be subversive.

So that l can save the life l live.


This so called government is poisonous like a tarantula.

Its venom is destroying my body slowly but surely.

I am sick and tired of being on tenterhooks.

I can’t continue to comply with rules that do not make sense.

They are treating me like l am an object.


They do more to the people, than for the people.

The way they treat us is equivalent to slavery.

Our communities are in abject poverty.

We live in squalid conditions and they live a life of opulence.

Because to them corruption is a lifestyle.

We live a life of fear, no freedom of speech.

We are in penury, can’t remember the last time we had food to eat.


I have made up my mind. I am armed.

I have the bullet of strength and the gun of courage.

I am ready to assassinate them in a positive way.

That’s the only way to circumvent this problem that calls itself ‘government’.


They think they are smart but they are far from reality.

From 19-all long they have been lip servicing.

They hide their stupidity behind ties and jackets.

It’s time for them to kick the bucket.

I have a chip on my shoulder. I am cross, miserable and angry.

I am tired of this disorder.

You can say l am unhinged but it is…what it is.






A Lunatic’s Poem



Living in the street, has allowed me to see “reali- tea”

Everyday l see men wearing jackets & ties running away from their “responsibili-teas”

People who live in houses, put them in power for “govern-ment”

Yet, they can’t restrict them from self “pleasure-ment”


Because the word “responsibility” no longer exists in their vocabulary and the actions of those who live in houses

“Rare-ping” is now part of our culture.

Hatred is the new “kind-nurse”

So called “profits” of God are abusing women willy-nilly in the name of Emmanuel

Mankind now “man-cruel”

Everyone is a “danger-to-see”

Pastors and “Bee-shops”  are “more-lesting” children to please their “unholesting” selves.

Did you hear the pop……

Do you think he is popping champagne with them?


At their conferences, l hear them having a “con-versation”

Where are real men and women, boys & girls who stand for the truth and who can have a “true-versation”

Are you not tired of these conmen??

It is time to be “response-able”

or brace ourselves for the “inevi-table”.






Tafadzwa Bandera

Tafadzwa Bandera- Alfred Tafadzwa Bandera was born in Chegutu, but grew up in Harare. He is a social worker, script writer and a girl –child activist. Some of his work has appeared in DEAR SA. He is currently based in South Africa.

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  1. Amy Goodman April 10, at 10:08

    Wow! A Lunatic's poem deserves an award! I love it.


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