December 27, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Soren Paul Petrek







Wall us off from humanity

From beating hearts plainly

heard among screams

for reprieve from torture and death

from the denial of the pursuit of

anything, much less happiness, as dissent

is crushed in favor of power.


Who decided it was right to

pervert the cause of freedom

smashing it into a mold of nationalism

forgetting the horrors that have led so

many towards evil denying the stench

of their crimes in their fervor

to set themselves above?


Eyes wild, oblivious to history

What’s mine is mine

blind to anything beyond

the right to arm, to maim, to kill

to eat the flesh of the vanquished

In the righteous fervor of a false idea

of country.






soren paul petrek

Soren Paul Petrek

Poet and award winning novelist, Soren Paul Petrek has been writing since his early teens.

Cold Lonely Courage and his other works are available on Amazon. He intends to publish his book of poetry, Mountain in the near future.

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