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Jay Mehta







Walk lonely, through a trough,

Blink, at a picture unseen,

Eyes open, tears dried,

Water to roots,

Fruit unseen,

Seeded, to the mind.




Absence, water to memories,

Once, not to limit,


Through a bird to fly;

A flight of fancy,

Born to thrive,

Never in thought to die!

In life to revel,

Love laughter and joy,

An Ewer full,

Of nectar, dripping, a star,

Earn, never coy;

Nor cry alone,

For restrained wings,

Rigour apart.


Taboo Silhouettes,

Moving love,

Throws light;

A new sight, a picture seen,

A recognisance of past,

The culture of being,

To walk lonely, through a trough, now whistling though,

Blink, picture, never blind to see,

Once, to sing free…








A portal to the divine,

Divinity manifested into being,

Movement of grace,

Moments of play – Sacrosanct,

In a benevolent heart – a moving temple,

The one that shall ever stay.


A spark of creation,

Evolved of consecration,

To enhance life in its benign manifestation,

Plural in path,

Vibrant form in distinction,

Of a profound truth – Devotion to liberation.

Lived a life,

Of fire sacrifices,

And calm meditation.


You hold,

A licence to believe,

The freedom to create,

A choice –

Humanity tradition, created.


Divinity follows the good,

Divinity serves you!






Jay Mehta

JayM is a poet and writer from Mumbai, India, who strives to make sense of the increasingly multiple, paradoxical and ambiguous world around him through his verse and prose. He writes poetry – free verse and haiku, apart from satire based on his travels. He takes life with a pinch of salt, and advocates that doing so makes it highly palatable.

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  1. priti March 14, at 05:37

    Lovely poems, Jay...resonates


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