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I.B. Rad




Words Matter



“Words Matter” was a reaction to televised comments concerning Bernie Sanders and other’s candidacies




is race based prejudice

or discrimination; likewise,

gender stereotyping

or favoritism

comprise sexism,

and ageism

takes on age bias

not related to ability.

So what’s dissing

an “old white guy”

solely for committing the impropriety

of running for our American Presidency?

“Identity Politics.”








With the Tea Party all the rage,

it was the age of the RINO

with party candidates primaried

for not being reliably conservative;

but now, as the wheel of history’s turned,

we’re in the time of the DINO

where candidates not expressly progressive

are those to be campaigned against.

And so, by our present trend’s end,

perhaps we’ll undergo a second demise

of the DINOs.




The End of Racism



We used to think,

in some distant inevitable,

we’d all join hands

and through universal love

racism in America

would disappear.

But who’d have thought

weaponizing language

to cudgel and cow opponents

by indiscriminately calling

group linked acts or remarks


would start to dilute its meaning

and then, without any change of heart,

through habituation,

this ubiquitous deprecation

would become devoid of impact,

drop out of general use,

and voilà,

“racism” is no more.






I.B. Rad

I.B. Rad lives and plays in New York City. This somewhat controversial poet is widely published with much of his work available on the internet. His most recent book, “Dancing at the Abyss” was published by Scars Publications.”

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